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At travelandinsure we really do try and make a difference. As our Homepage declares, Helping people in need, our intention is to identify aid programmes that support self sufficiency and not create a culture of aid reliance and dependency. We welcome feedback on priority areas on which to focus our efforts and indeed are always receptive to particular projects that come to our attention through our customers. Primarily our concerns are to alleviate the effects of poverty and we support existing aid organisations that already have established efficient infrastructures so that we can be confident that funds are being used to target specific problem areas. This is an efficient use of resources but also means that we can carefully monitor where and how funds are being used and the effectiveness of individual aid projects. In this, we liaise closely with Trade Aid UK who have been generating funds for several years to support aid efforts globally.  We support their aid projects with the money raised through the sale of these insurance policies. We are proud to be involved in this important work.

Email us at and let us know which Trade Aid projects you would like us to support - Health, Education, Housing, Environmental or Disaster Relief. We support initiatives to encourage self sufficiency not aid reliance.


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